Centrifuge Machinery Manufacturer : Apollo Machinery, Pharmaceutical Centrifuge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Cntrifuge Machinery Manufacturer in India : Apollo Machinery
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The 4-Point Suspension Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
Introducing the latest fully automatic four point suspension bottom discharge centrifuge machine made to international specification with inertia platform and vibration isolating dampners to ensure smooth operation with following advantages:
  • No foundation required.
  • Complete flexibility to relocate the centrifuge in the plant 

4-Point Suspension Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Basket for Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
Rolled copper or stainless, mild or galvanised steel baskets are allwelded and ampyy drilled for speedy extraction. The basket is made to suit the product. The dynamically balanced basket ensures vibration less and silent working. 4-Point Bottom Discharge Centrifuge known as Basket Centrifuge & Chemical Centrifuge also.

Scraping Arrangement for Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
We offer three types of scraping systems:

  • Manually operated scraper.
  • Motorised single motion scraping system.
  • Hydraulic dual motion scraping system. 
Model Basket
Dia mm
Depth mm
Vol Ltrs. Charge Kgs.
Drive HP Max. Rotation Speed G. Value
36 BD 915 450 160 200 7.5 1100 619
36H BD 915 550 220 275 7.5 1100 619
48 BD 1220 500 300 375 15 1000 682
48H BD 1220 600 400 500 15 1000 682
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4Point Top Discharge Centrifuge
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