Centrifuge Machinery Manufacturer : Apollo Machinery, Pharmaceutical Centrifuge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Cntrifuge Machinery Manufacturer in India : Apollo Machinery
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Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge
The three point suspended - manual top discharge- MTD model is an universal centrifuge for all application of solid-liquid separation by filtration. Offered in a variety of materials of construction like-austenitic steels, PVDF coated-mild steels etc. They are manufactured with the best technology in the field and gives long trouble free operational lite. These are offered in various models and known as Chemical Centrifuge & Vertical Centrifuge.

Specifications of Top Discharge Centrifuge

Model Basket
Dia mm
Depth mm
Vol Ltrs. Charge Kgs.
Drive HP Max. Rotation Speed G. Value
24 MTD 600 300 60 50 3.0 1200 480
36 MTD 915 450 170 100 5/7.5 900-1000 450
48 MTD 1220 500 280 280 10/15 700-800 430

Top Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Centrifuge, Vertical Centrifuge Manufacturer.

Centrifuge Range
Horizontal Centrifuge
Top Discharge Centrifuge
4Point Top Discharge Centrifuge
Horizontal Peelar Centrifuge
Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
4 Point Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
Top Driven Bottom Discharge Centrifuge
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